Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ilha de Morro de São Paulo

17.04 2013 - Quarta-Feira (Wednesday)
I went with some friends to the Island of Morro de São Paulo - for those who doesn't know where it is, it's an island in Baía Todos os Santos, 2 hours by boat. Here is the link to a Google Maps
We arrived at the island around noon, and from there we went to a pousada (hostel) and booked a room with breakfast included - around R$ 35,00 pr. night for a room with 4 beds and your own bathroom with shower. When the two other dudes were sleeping, I went out to sightseeing, and the island was one of the most hauntingly beautiful places on Earth. It would have helped a lot, if there was bright sun and no rain, but you could just absorb the Paradise in Bahia. The island mostly gets its income from pousadas, because it is a vacation spot for people that backpacks, on their honeymoon or other activities with friends or loved ones. 

Anyway, I went walking on the beaches and swam in the ocean, and boy was that good! Later on my friends joined, and we had a nice evening. 

18.04 2013 - Quinta-Feira (Thursday)
Today was a rainy day, unfortunately. But we spend some time with the people on the pousada, playing music, talking and just made the best we could of a rainy day. Two of the people I met at the pousada were heading out for a bite to eat in the night and I joined them for what would be pizza buffet - called pizzaria rodízio! You sat down, ordered the pizza buffet and just ate until you would burst. Of course you got slices, whole pizzas would just be nuts!
From when we sat down to leaving the restaurant, it was raining so much that the streets were completely filled with water - about 2,5 centimeters of water for 3 hours. Luckily, no earth glide occured. We got our food - tuna pizza, bacon pizza, vegetarian for the lady and no pork and bacon for the dude - and finally, when we couldn't eat more, we got  a banana pizza with cinnamon and a chocolate pizza. Funky flavors, but it was okay!

19.04 2013 - Sexta-Feira (Friday)
I left the pousada after breakfast to go to Ilha de Boipeba, but missed the ferry by 3 hours, so it would cost me R$400,00 by 4x4 car and even more by bus. Therefore I cancelled that plan and went to the island Ilha de Itaparíca to attend a festival. But I was followed around and the didn't have any place to camp, so I decided to return to Salvador da Bahia, since I didn't want to take that risk of being followed around, and I decided that maybe it was for the best. I would definately return, but with some friends would be better.

Ilha de Morro de São Paulo is definately the trip worth, but plan your tour so you can get there before or after rain time - NOT during!

Pictures of the island can be found here

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